A downloadable game for Windows

8 days to live , you are a solo survivor. You recently heard news that the military is planning to nuke your entire country. They are doing it to stop

and destroy the virus thats taking over your country. So you must travel there in 8 days before they drop the nukes, to ensure your survival!

What can you expect?

- Unique levels ranging from abandoned cities to dark woodlands and more!

- creepy atmospheric soundtracks to match the levels!

- 11 awesome detailed weapons to use and find from pistols to shotguns to automatic  rifles and more!

I hope all who purchase this game will like and enjoy it thank you!

Quick note: don't forget to save when you beat a level!

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Install instructions

simply just extract all and put on your desktop and enjoy!


8 days to live.zip 1 GB


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First off, this is an awesome game! But, every time I beat a level, the game crashes and when I restart the game, it starts me at the next level with no weapons. If I load from my last save after a game crash, I DO go to the next level with all my collected weapons, but I'm teleported outside the map! Also, there is already a saved file in the game when I downloaded it. Please help, I really want to playthis game!

thank you for likeing the game! and unfortunately i dont have access to the orginal files as i got a new pc. this is beyond me But Game guru has a bad bug... where if you load your saved game it will not load it right... i love using game guru but theres always some bug... and for the game something that works i have noticed is delete the game , download it again and play through it in one go and it should work.

Thank you for your help! I love your games; my favorite so far is Gauntlet. Keep up the great work!!!

thank you ! it means allot to here that!