A downloadable game for Windows

you are a lone warrior, seeking to destroy all the demons in your path. As you journey

through old medieval castles and dungeons. Your mission is to destroy all the demons and defend humanity against them!

What can you expect?

- dark gothic medieval styled levels.

- unique atmospheric creepy sound tracks to match the levels!

- choose your difficulty from easy to hard to nightmare! want a challenge? try nightmare difficulty !

- on nightmare mode your health don't generate and you have more monsters to fight!

- find all the secrets to get all the weapons!

enjoy this dark gritty medieval fps inspired by quake!

I hope all who purchase this game will like and enjoy it thank you!

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Quick note: dont forget to save when you beat a level!

Disclaimer : No im not a devil worshiper! just design thats all!

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Install instructions

simply extract all and enjoy!


Gauntlet.zip 1 GB


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Really cool game, I love the dark gothic aesthetic! >:)  Keep it up dude!

thank you!