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No Rest For The Wicked !

About: No rest for the wicked is a first person shooter set in the days of zombie pandemic outbreak out break. Where you journey through the levels to kill every zombie that gets in your way ! Slaughter every zombie with weapons from your fist to a knife from a sledgehammer to assault rifles and more! You will travel through unique levels from city's to abandoned woods, to a grave yard and much more! If you're a fan of Left 4 dead and cod zombies you will enjoy this game!


  • 12 unique levels 
  • single player
  • 10 weapons
  • plenty of zombies to kill!
  • Nice atmospheric sound tracks to match each level!
  • realistic weapon jams and recoil of weapons!

Disclaimer: I know I used the stock game guru screens on loading and title I don't know how to change them.  This game took  me many months to create it wasn't just "thrown together" like most game guru games! I put a lot effort and time into this project and I'm sure you will see it through the levels and all ! I hope all who purchase enjoy this game! Thank you!


  1. extract all files and save to desktop.
  2. Then play through the levels in order and enjoy!
  3. PS!  I'm sorry for all the files! Game guru doesn't compile all of it's levels together very well!

For gameplay videos  of the game please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8VqpHnMSTvPNQgYJRIxnrg?view_as=subscriber

this was my first game! compare it to my latest game Lone survivor! you will see the progress i have made! cheers!

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Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorDavis Productions
GenreAction, Adventure, Shooter
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Ludum Dare 44, Post-apocalyptic, Zombies


No Rest For The Wicked! files 1 of 4.zip 1 GB
No Rest For The Wicked! files 2 of 4.zip 1 GB
No Rest For The Wicked! files 3 of 4.zip 1 GB


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This looks sweet) Definitely love black ops zombs, so gotta try this. Would be neat if you did an android version also. 

thx :) you should like it ! I apologize for all the files ! Back then I didn’t know how to direct all the files into one !

Good game,never seen GameGuru used soo good.

thank you! I hope you will enjoy the game !

Many people said that GameGuru is a bad game engine.

But if know to code then you can create amazing games with GameGuru .

i tried level 1, for the price i must say its totally worth it, i like how fast the zombies are, only thing - the mouse sensitivity is high. definitely 5/5, gotta check out the rest of the levels.

thank you !

damn i seriously want to try this game, on friday i should have the necessary funding to do so, seen the gameplay videos they look good... i'll check this game out on friday haha looks good!!

thank you! If your a fan of cod zombies or left 4 dead I think you will enjoy the game a lot!

yeah i don't have the quickest internet speed, had to let it download last night and went to sleep, got the files ready.. but gotta get to work but definitely looking forward after :D

Thank you I hope you enjoy the game !